Prospect of the Week

Our prospect of the week

Florida State-Karlos Williams SmSince I released my 2015 NFL draft rankings, one thing that I’ve heard way too much about is having Karlos Williams as my #2 running back. I’ve heard things like “he only has 730 career rushing yards”, “Williams has only played a few games at RB and, like, zero starts”, “He should be on defense”! I’ll admit, I’ve seen him carry the ball about 90 times, but there is no doubting his talent. Karlos is a monster athlete and I think he could play several different positions, but running the ball suits him best. Yes, Williams had only 730 yards,  he wasn’t a starter, and so on and so forth. One thing people don’t seem to realize, FSU had Devonta Freeman and James Wilder Jr… both are playing in the NFL right now. The Seminoles have great young depth at the position again this year, but Karlos is the clear #1. Read More


6 teams I can’t figure out

Louisville-Will Gardner

The 2014 College football season is right around the corner and our top 25 will be released in just a little over a week. Of course, I’m more than ready for football to begin, but I still have a few questions. Out of the top 50 or so teams I feel like I have a fairly good grasp on all of them, except for a hand full of wildcards. I would like to talk about the uncertainties I have and all the things that I may be wrong about. We all know the ACC is a race for 2nd place behind FSU, but the runner up should be (insert school here)? All the love goes to the SEC West, but could this be the year the East rises up? And finally, is this the year the Pac 12 becomes the best conference in CFB? Well… this is what we think. Read More