6Pack, Six things we wanna talk about

  1. We are just days away from the NFL preseason starting on August 3rd and the regular season kicking off on September 4th. We get our first taste of College football on Wednesday, August 27th, but we’ll have to wait until August 28th for Texas A&M and South Carolina to see the real kick off to the 2014 season. Theres no way around it, we just have to wait. Until then…
  2. Enjoy summer… got kids? take em’ swimming! Cookout, go on vacation, re watch breaking bad (as I am doing right now) or what ever floats your boat. The point is take time to show some love to the family or GF or BF, because theres not going to be near as much time for that come September.
  3. Need some Tv to help fill the void? HBO is always a safe bet for some quality programing. Shows like True Blood (final season), The Leftovers (Peter Berg is making it and he S**** gold) are on now and Hard Knocks (training camp with the Atlanta Falcons) is about to start, so HBO can help you in this time of need.
  4. Forget spring cleaning! Theres way too much going on during those beautiful months, so do it now. Mid summer cleaning is all the rage around the NFL draft and football community, so follow suite. Rearrange the living room, clean the garage, basement, attic and anything else the significant other may wish for you to do, because saving up on brownie points will pay off on that Saturday or Sunday that you absolutely can’t be bothered.
  5. If you’re a junkie like me and can’t wait another moment for football, watch football! I know what you’re thinking “There’s no football dumb ass?” Well there is… just not the quality you want. Aren league is in full swing, you can watch preseason clips and other stuff regarding “Your Team” on YouTube or you can watch spring game, season previews or full games from the 2013 season on several different sites (one of my favorites is Noon Kick).
  6. Or… just hang out on NFLDraftRadio all day long! Enjoy the summer.

Prospect of the Week

Our prospect of the week

Minnesota-Theiren CockranThe Gophers had one of the most underrated defensive lines in the Big 10 in 2013 and their star DE Theiren Cockran was a major part of that success. Cockran lead the defense last fall with 7.5 sacks and was good enough to be named to the All B10 2nd Team. It was a little surprising he got any conference recognition at all, considering he’s constantly overlooked. Most other people in the NFL draft community are not quite as fond of the Gopher pass rusher as I am, but watch the tape and you’ll understand why I’m in love. He possesses elite size standing at 6’6″ and weighs nearly 240lbs and his athleticism is off the charts, which you can see with his first step and ability to bend the edge and get to the passer. My expectations for Theiren are very high, and in the near future I foresee those expectations spreading like wild fire. With a solid supporting cast around him, his production should take a big step forward in ’14 and that will solidify him as one of the best ends in College football. The loss of Ra’Shede Hageman will definitely turn more attention to #55, but my confidence in his skills lead me to believe there will not be a drop in his production.

  • Strengths

His quickness and speed are outstanding, but his length and stature may be his most impressive qualities. He is fantastic at keeping offensive lineman at arms length and not letting them into his body, allowing him to wreak havoc in the backfield. The way he uses his arms like weapons reminds me of Tamba Hali but Cockran is a more naturally fluid athlete.

  • Weaknesses

If there is one thing Cockran needs to improve upon it’s his strength at the point of attack and setting the edge. He’s not bad at either but there’s definitely room for improvement and adding ten to fifteen pound would go a long way in helping him do so.

  • Draft Outlook

With at least one season standing in between Theiren and the NFL draft there’s a lot of weeks, games and plays to see before we need to make an official prediction and there’s still a very good chance he’ll come back for his senior year. So a lot can happen in a year (or two), but regardless of all that I can’t see his name being called any later than the 3rd round, with a good chance of him coming off the board much, much earlier.