Gruden QB Camp Power Rankings 2012

This is it boyz! A power ranking one to ten of all the guys that attended the fire pit that is Gruden’s QB Camp. Keep in mind, this is not who I think the best player is or who I think will be drafted first but how I felt they came off during the show. I would love to get some feed back on this and make it a fixture on the site for years to come.

1. Russell Wilson N.C. State/Wisconsin

He was smart and was very well spoken throughout the show and could answer any question JG asked…HIGH football I.Q.! He did a little better than everyone else and I think the main reason was, he looked calm and cool, like a natural leader. I know he’s only 5’10” but “He’s got what? Mental toughness!” Yes, he does!

*Grade A+

2. Brandon Weeden Oklahoma State

Loved what Brandon did on the show! He was very confident but not cocky and was very comfortable. I expect all that anytime I see Weeden around the media. He kills it, that’s what he does. However; I’m a little surprised it didn’t show more on the field with “the Weedeater”. I heard he had maybe the best day on the field and I wish we could have seen more of it. “Let me have that nod!”

*Grade A

3. Andrew Luck Stanford Stanford

“What was that thing you said, ahh, those words you used, those big words you used?” I’m not even going to try and spell what Luck said after that but the guy is smart. The thing I loved most about Luck is that he seemed like a down to earth, ahh shucks kind of guy. Smart, confident, nice, and real would be the words I would use to describe Andrew on the show.

Grade A

4. Kirk Cousins Michigan State

Kirk was very disappointing to me! I say that but have him number four in my rankings? Yes, because he still did very well! But after this thing was all said and done, wrapped up in a bow and put under the tree; Kirk Cousins was Gruden’s favorite guy. I like Kirk and think he should be a 3rd round pick but I wanted more!

Grade B

5. Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M

Tannehill proved one thing for sure…he’s smart and knows football and knows the “West Coast” probably better than any other rookie in this class. Looked good off the field and showed a receiver how to run a “Dino”! The bad thing was, he showed no personality and that scares me a little but he could have been a bit nervous. All in all, a little manila with his brown uptight outfit but he could have done much worse.

Grade C

6. Nick Foles Arizona

I didn’t know what to expect with Foles but came away from it thinking about the same thing I thought going in. He’s a mid round guy with a big arm, average accuracy, great build and smart. His “Yes Sir” was genuine and he made me believe he was buying into all that Gruden was saying. Also, I did not know Drew Brees paid for his shoulder surgery…good to know and Brees is a good guy.

Grade C-

7. Kellen Moore Boise State

I don’t think Kellen is going to be an NFL quarterback and I think he most likely falls out of the draft all together but he showed me one thing. He is going to be a HELL of a coach! I think he’s patient, knows the game and most importantly, he loves the game. I know he’s got fifty plus wins but left handed, six foot, under two hundred pounds and a weak arm…not NFL QB, but future NFL Coach.

Grade C-

8. Case Keenum Houston

I think Jon went a little easy on Kee and I think he tended to do that with the later round guys. I think Case should get a chance in the league but the odds are not in his favor. He looked like he was having fun and seemed very comfortable.


9. Robert Griffin III Baylor

I can already see the hate mail but before you start, allow me to explain. I love RG3 and think he’s the second best player in the draft and think he’s a great guy but he had a poor showing on the show and did not come off that way to me at all! “Yess Zerr”! Oh man, I wanted to chock Griff after hearing that fifteen times! It sounded fake and disrespectful in my opinion and he came off a little…I don’t even know the word but I didn’t like it. Then on the field…TAKE THE CHAIN OFF! I kind of thought RG3 was too big for the show…like he almost felt he didn’t have the time to be there. Great player…came off terrible on the show in my eyes.

Grade D-

10. Brock Qsweiler Arizona State

The loser of the show no doubt! The good thing was…? Well, there wasn’t any good but there was a ton of bad! ALL FOR ME, is what I got from his showing and that is a very, very bad thing in my opinion. I still think he could become a great NFL thrower and these power rankings do not reflect how good I think these player are but Brock did or said nothing I liked. When he said “every Saturday I’m going out there to lead those guys!” and “there’s nothing more that I love (as he points to the tv) than a free guy coming through, get that shot on you”. I felt they were two of the fakest, most manufactured comments I had ever heard. Why didn’t he go on the field? Why the hell not? It’s not the combine, it’s Gruden’s QB camp and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t. Now if he did and ESPN didn’t show it I apologize but if he didn’t I think that’s just one more brick in the fake confidence wall. Think he’ll get drafted in the 3rd round and I still like him as a QB, but worst Gruden camp I have ever seen!

Grade F


Sam Lockett

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