Want to work for SLR?

Want a job with SLR?

     That is right we are looking for help! We have one of our guys moving on to ESPN and we need to replace him. We also have openings for NFL Division bloggers, radio and podcast host, mock draft maker and college football experts. The site is growing due to new revenue and we need new good, hard-working, smart team members. We have openings for paid and non paid interns. We may also be losing another of our insiders to a better opportunity and so as of now we are looking for 2 new members and bloggers for the AFC South, NFC North, East and West. If you have any interest in radio, podcasting, blogs or mock drafts send us an email ASAP!

E-Mail = SamLockettRadio@yahoo.com

Keep in mind we will respond to all applicants who contact us! If email is no good for you get with us on twitter @SamLockettRadio . We have had 3 SLR members move on to bigger and better full-time media jobs in the last 14 months. It’s a great start for Jr’s and Senior in high school, college students and college grads. All applicants must be will to do a phone interview and provide any media experience they may have. We urge you! If you have interest contact us ASAP.



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