Prospect of the Week

Our prospect of the week

OKlahoma State-Tyreek HillAfter watching Saturdays nights feature game (Oklahoma State v.s. Florida State) its easy to see why every team in the Nation wanted ATH Tyreek Hill! He ran the ball, caught the ball and had a major impact on special teams and was also a big reason why the Cowboys were driving to win with 4:00 min left in the game. Coach Gundy said “I knew he was really fast (Hill), but again I haven’t watched him play live at this level” “I knew he was really fast and there would be a time when he would get in the open field and He’d take everyone’s breath away” “Good thing for me is thats hes already satisfied that, but he needs to do it every week”. To me, the most impressive thing about Saturdays game is that Tyreek was out running (in my eyes) the fastest defense in College football. One thing that I’m 100% sure of is the fact that Ty is one of the most eclectic and dynamic players in the game and will be a must watch week in and week out! Read More